This dress so so fabulous! I like the heart shaped neckline and the color. Maybe I should wear this tomorrow at midsummer. What do you guys think? :)

8S0A0372-4 8S0A0347-4 8S0A0385-2 8S0A0454-4I’m wearing: Dress For Love & Lemons (HERE) – Heels Public Desire


Summer is the best time for events. especially if the weather is good! Here are some pics from two events I went to yesterday. First I went to Presskontakterna where they had a summer drink. Ten I had to run to Tanto where Pretto had a Villa Massa Garden Party. So cozy… I love this!

_MG_0077-2_MG_0137-2 _MG_0155_MG_0110-2 _MG_0171-3_MG_0134_MG_0191


Wednesday today and the sun is shining. To bad that I have to work inside all day. I wanted to show you this simple look which I love. The shorts are a bit to short for my taste but with a oversize top I think I balanced the outfit. 

8S0A8120-28S0A8088-48S0A81228S0A8115I’m wearing Top (old) – Denim shorts (old) Bikbok – Bag Lindex – Heels River Island

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me


Another outfit in motion. What do you think of these kind of videos? I would really like to know. And btw, I’m cutting and editing myself and right now I’m using iMovie at the moment but wondering if you guys knows any other video editing programs?


YouTube Preview Image


We are celebrating Midsummer in Sweden on Friday. I’m sure you have heard of it. I guess that some Swedish girls haven’t decided what to wear yet. Right now you get free express shipping when you shop over 600SEK (60€) at Use the code: SUMMEREXP when checking out. I usually wear something sweet and summery, light colours and lace. The hair accessory in picture is so amazing. Definitely a substitute to the classic flower wreath.

iPhone case (599 SEK) / White Wide Sleeve Dress (399 SEK) / Beige Wide Sleeve Dress (174 SEK) / Gold Headband (399 SEK) / Jumpsuit (249 SEK) / Lace Front Playsuit (2395 SEK) / White Flower Dress (219 SEK) / Flower Blossom Bra (1046 SEK) / Hat (299 SEK) / Sneaker (349 SEK) / Shimmer (336 SEK) / Lace Up Sandal (399 SEK) / Strazz Make Up Decor (145 SEK) / Off Shoulder Top (299 SEK)
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For many years I have been a huge fan of the combo flowers and denim. I don’t know but it can have something to do with me growing up in the 90’s. Do you remember? Anyway, here is todays outfit, and todays it’s Monday which means workday. So I have to go back to working.


I’m wearing cap NLY Accessories – Dress Asos/Montel (HERE) – Denim jacket Lee – Heels Topshop (HERE)

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me


Sunday, and I have just been chilling the whole weekend. You know what is going on in my life so is was a good decision to take is slow not doing anything. Plus we have had the worst weather with rain etc. so sofa and movies has been my rescue. What have you guys been up to?

8S0A0675-38S0A0651-3I’m wearing Cap NLY Accessories (HERE) – Bomber jacket Rut&Circle (HERE) – Denim shorts (old) – Sweater BACK (HERE) – Boots Dinsko

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me

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Allright I have to tell you about these amazing sunnies from Anton Frans. They are for sure the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn. They are made of hypoallergenic materials from Mazzucchelli. I like brands who not only takes – but to give as well. When you buy a pair Anton Frans so doing you a choice of a better world. Each purchase of a pair Anton Frans generates a donation of 20€ to the charity of your choice. Their goal is to donate 1,5 million SEK to charity during 2016-2017. This is future thinking!

IMG_0094 IMG_0097


Do you remember the LA video that I posted a month ago? If not you will find it here. I promised you to post more youtube material and here is a video outfit in motion. This is my first outfit video and there will be plenty more. I would be so happy if you would like to subscribe to my channel and like my videos. Check it out here!

YouTube Preview Image


I had a long day yesterday with work all day and then I helped Nina to color her hair. I went to bed around one o’clock at night and had to go up at six so I’m a bit tired today. But hey, it’s Friday! Today I’m working to twelve and then I will finish the ”Nina hair” project and after that I will meet up with Rasmus to shoot outfits.


I’m wearing cap NLY Accessories (HERE) – Top (old) H&M – Pants NLY Trend (HERE) –  Denim Jacket Monki (HERE) – Heels Henry Kole (HERE)

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me

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