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bloppis make it last


ÄNTLIGEN FLOPPYS TIME! Detta kunde inte komma lägligare. Just i flyttider är det optimalt att rensa ut! Jag behöver verkligen bli av med en massa grejer och kommer därför inte sälja något över 100 lappen.

Den här gången presenteras loppisen i samarbete med Tradera, som hjälper oss att förlänga loppisens liv och räckvidd. Loppisen fortsätter hela veckan efter eventet på vår ständigt öppna onlineloppis Tradera Trend, där de medverkande säljarna auktionerar ut varsitt favoritplagg till förmån för integrationsappen Welcome App. Håll utkik på Tradera Trend från den 3 oktober!

Medverkande säljare: Emma Elwin, Lisa Corneliusson, Jonna Bergh, Nicole Walker, Sandra Beijer, Michaela Forni, Madelene Billman, Josefin Dahlberg, Daniel Lindström, Gustav Broström, Angelica Blick, Nicole Falciani, Demi Vincefi, Chloé Schuterman, Molly Rustas, Emma Pettersson, Sara Forsberg, Catrin Nilsson, Elin Edlund, Viktor Frisk, Hanna Friberg, Sarah Tjulander, Nina Campioni, Kristin Zetterlund, Filippa Lindén, Julia Stridh, Behnaz Aram, Chili Almeida Bendt, Emine Sander, Ursula Wångander, Karolina Skande, Mikaela Hållén, Margaux Dietz, Emilia Klang, Simone B Porseryd, Daniella Johnsson, Susanne Tirziu Matschiner, Dasha Girine och Elinor Nystedt.


8S0A9307 8S0A9333 8S0A93678S0A9390

Jacket Gina Tricot  –  Top H&M  –  Jeans Zara  –  Boots Public Desire

Oh lord I hope I will never move again in my life. We have packed all weekend but it still feels like we’re not getting anywhere. I had a inspiring meeting at work today and i can’t stop thinking about it, woop!


Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me


8S0A98128S0A9799 8S0A9854 8S0A9866

Cap NLY Accessories HERE  –  Knit Gina Tricot  –  Jacked Tommy Hilfigher  –  Jeans Zara  –  Boots Public Desire

Hi guys! Me and my mom is super busy fixing stuff working all day with packing etc. I’m so tired and if you have moved before you know how exhausting it can be. We are done for today so now I’m taking a break laying on the couch doing nothing!

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me

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8S0A9555 8S0A9616 8S0A9663 8S0A9693

Velvet bomber HERE  –  Dress and denim Zara  –  Lace top Miss Guided  –  Boos Public Desire  –  Backpack Topshop

My mom arrived to Stockholm yesterday. You know when you have a bad period in life and you really need your mother. I have such a time right now and are overjoyed that she is here! We have so many things to do so I have timed the blog all weekend.

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me

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Allright, I have a new favorite jacket. I mean look at this beauty, how cool!? It’s from Zara and I bought in in a size L just because I wanted the fit to be loose. I thought it would be bigger so I guess it’s small in size. Do you like it?

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me


8S0A01808S0A0188_2 8S0A0220

Lace top Miss Guided  –  Skirt (old) Bikbok  –  Bag Zara  –  Boots Henry Kole

Hello Wednesday! I’m at the office right now planning stuff for the future and Colin. I just love coming up with ideas and see them develop and be completed. It gives me so much joy that is hard to describe!

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl | Edit by me

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