I have had a busy weekend in Paris! SAS canceled our morning flight so we had to take a later one and between landing in Copenhagen before take off to Paris, which lead to that we arrived 20:00 at night instead of 9:30 am. So annoying that we lost a whole day. So this was the most stressful vacation I ever had! Well, here are some snapshots anyway. Paris is such a wonderful city.

_MG_7485_MG_7560 _MG_7774 _MG_7808_MG_7504


Ni vet när man har den där klädpaniken man har samma dag som man ska gå ut? Ingenting man har i garderoben är snyggt och man önskar att man hade haft tid att springa ut och shoppa. Just nu har Gina Tricot en kampanj med expressleverans i Stockholm området = räddaren i nöden! De är dessutom så himla enkelt. Man går in på sidan med utvalda partyprodukter (HÄR), lägger vad man vill ha i shoppingbagen, fyller i vart du är och inom en timme får du dina plagg levererade. I vanliga fall kostar den här tjänsten 129 kronor. Men jag har fått möjligheten att ge mina läsare fri frakt. Bra va? Använd kodenpartyexpressfree




I’m on my way to Paris right now and I really hope that we will have nice weather! This is a throw back outfit from one year ago wearing Elsas super cool denim shorts from her design collab for Bikbok. LOVE!



Hi guys and good morning! In one week something big is going to happened with Colin and I’m so excited. I have been working with this for a couple of months and it feels so weird that its only one week left. Woop!_MG_7469-2 _MG_7475

In the picture: River Island shoes, Glitter bracelet, Giorgio Armani parfume



Here you have some pictures from LA. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been at. I’m so sorry if there will not be so funny. I have so many things going on and I’m mentally exhausted. But I will do my best! and yeah, btw. I always write the clothes under the pictures (just so you know). Have a lovely Monday!


I’m wearing blouse (HERE), Shorts (HERE), Boots (HERE)

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As you know I went to one of Swedens islands Gotland a few day ago for a shoot. We arrived Tuesday and I must say that I have to go there more often. I’m so locking forward to see this campaign that will go up in the beginning of June – stay tuned!



This is me one year ago before the King Magazine gala. I remember that I tried at least 10 dressen before I decided to wear this Robot set. I mean, it’s a gala for a mens magazine so why wear a dress!? haha… I also had my grey hair and it’s insane how much I miss it. Well i like it brown as well. Today I will be at Åhlens all day together with Jonas Hallberg and Sandra Öjeland and after i will actually go to the King gala. What i’m going to wear? You will se ;)

_MG_8156_MG_8064 _MG_8101


Arrived from Gotland this morning and am currently at the office working with Colin stuff. We are so busy right now, you can not imagine. Here is an outfit from Gotland! So long since I wore biker, white shirt and jeans. Do you like?

_MG_7132-3_MG_7150_MG_7142_MG_7106-2Jacket (old) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for Bikbok, shirt and heels H&M, jeans Asos

Pictures by: Fabian Wester | Edit by me


I wish I had record more from this trip. This video kind of takes me back! I actually promise you to do more youtube material. Would you like that? I’m a beginner, but learning! Hopefully I will get better, haha. Can you tell me what you would lie to see? I’m thinking of maybe do weekly video diaries that will come up on Sundays.

YouTube Preview Image


In the video: Me, Victoria Törnegren, Erik Forsgren, Andrea Badendyck, Johnny Edlind, Eric Hagberg, Anniken Englund JørgensenTrifa, Goran Perkovic, Maximilian Borovic


Monday but it feels like this weekend never existed! I woke up quite early and have been working ever since. We had storm in Stockholm last night so I had a hard time to sleep. Tomorrow I leaving Stockholm for Visby/Gotland and really hope the weather gets better. Have a lovely Monday!

8S0A0017-38S0A00278S0A9967I’m wearing trenchcoat Gina Tricot, top H&M, jeans H&M, bag Lindex, cap (own design) Rut&Circle

Pictures by: Rasmus Lindahl  | Edit by me