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Little Jinder – Hångellåten

[youtube width="925" height="600"]https://youtu.be/gzPD5ml8YfM[/youtube] ---   ♪♫ LITTLE JINDER  -  HÅNGELLÅTEN (feat. Mauro Scocco) ♪♫ --- I know this is a Swedish song but I just had to share it. You know when a song and just grows on you, and gives you a whole new meaning. It feels like...

Alicia Bocio – Lonely

[youtube width="925" height="600"]https://youtu.be/E8JoKG5xcQo[/youtube]   --- ✫ ✬ ✭  ALICIA BOICO  -  LONELY  ✫ ✬ ✭ --- Hands up for my amazing friend Alicia who just released her debut single - Lonely. This woman is so gifted in many ways. Adorable both on the in and outside, and now it's a fact that...


[youtube width="980" height="640"]https://youtu.be/Yj6V_a1-EUA[/youtube] --- I FOUND - AMBER RUN --- My friend Sarah introduced me to this song a while ago. I listen to it almost every day. When I want to let go of all my thoughts, when I'm stressed or when I'm out walking and want to shut...

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